Chinese Cybersecurity Reading Material

Sat, Aug 3, 2019

I’m interested in improving my technical (particularly cybersecurity-related) Chinese vocabulary and writing skills, and as such have accumulated a list of relevant Chinese-language reading material. Although it’s largely for linguistic study in my case, there’s a lot of in-depth technical information as well. Perhaps this may help others with similar interests.

I’ve marked the links below with E, SC and TC to denote English, Simplified, and Traditional Chinese content. These are not listed in any particular order. I will endeavor to update this list as I discover further items of interest.


  • Seebug Paper (SC): Massive repository of articles on all kinds of security topics.
  • Hardened GNU/Linux (SC): A hacker group’s blog discussing vulnerabilities and hosting translations of security-relevant NIST standards. Contrary to its name, the blog seems to have little to do with hardening Linux specifically.
  • Knownsec blog (SC): Discussions/explanations of CVEs.
  • DNFWAH (SC,E): A webzine focusing on low-level security topics.
  • Orange Tsai (E,TC): Blog of Taiwanese hacker Orange Tsai; mostly NPT/WAPT related.
  • DEVCORE (TC,E): Blog of a Taiwanese pentesting company, with posts by Orange.
  • Leon Dong’s blog (SC): Personal blog with algorithmic and mathematical content.
  • Coldnew’s blog (TC): Personal blog with hardware hacking content.
  • 51CTO (SC): A security-focused subset of a major Chinese IT website. Articles tend to be broad introductions to various security topics rather than technical deep-dives like a lot of the other blogs listed here.
  • 离别歌 (phithon’s blog) (SC): Personal blog with mostly webapp exploitation content.
  • 小茶 on IT邦 (TC): 30 articles introducing various security topics.

Talks & Conferences

  • KCon (SC): Security conference hosted by 知道创宇. Slides for its 2012-2018 talks can be found on GitHub. There’s a summary of the 2018 talks on Zhihu.
  • 补天白帽大会 (SC): Yearly 补天 security conference.




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